Homeless with My Girls

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Editor’s note:  This was a difficult e-mail to read. Contact information is provided below if you are able to assist.

The dogs are my reason for my current situation.

I could not give up the two American Pit-bull Terriers who are part of my family. I was unable to find housing I could afford that allowed their breed of dog. I kept trying to turn the situation around and find a place we all could live in, in the area, and I failed. We were evicted 6/13/2012.

Family and friends have been very lacking in support or help because they see my APBT girls as trouble and a disposable problem. On (6/27) I told some family and friends after several tearful conversations that I’d give them up to the humane society and see if I could take a job in VA, but I could not – they face almost certain death being the breed they are.

So I have cut myself off from friends and family so as not to be criticized for not giving them up because I can’t. We have been homeless in my car (which may soon be repossessed) since my money for a cheap dog friendly motel ran out. No one could take us in that cares because of restrictions on dogs where they live, so we have been spending our days in parks or on less traveled roads park and ride areas for shade, except when it is too hot for them(I then run AC until dusk) and our nights at the local Walmart.

I don’t know how this will end but if anyone does know of a foster care that would take 2 pit bulls (temporary only or just during day so I could hunt for new job) in the 21740/ 17225 area or a shelter that will allow them to stay with me please email me. I go to areas with wi-fi a couple times a day to check mail and start looking for a new job, surf the internet looking for a way out of this mess and animal loving people who may be supportive.

We are almost out of money and food and I am very depressed that I let it come to this. I don’t regret keeping them though even with the mess it has created, as their lives are worth more to me than public opinion and comfort.

Here is a pic of my girl; I can be reached at [email protected] but I only log in every few hours.


Jan Scott