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Hound Tracks Down Missing Three-Year-Old Boy

by Katherine

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Photo credit: Douglas Downs
Photo credit: Douglas Downs




Last Tuesday, the Alcock family from Florien, Louisiana, experienced something they wish no parent ever has to experience. Their three-year-old, Eli, went missing from their home, and they feared the boy would not be found. Thankfully, a local hound dog named Honey used her keen nose to track down and find the missing child before the ordeal turned into a tragedy.

Lindsy Alcock told NBC affiliate KPLC that day was very hard for her. The mother’s heart broke just thinking she would never see her son or hear his laughter again.

Desperate to locate the toddler, the worried parents called authorities, neighbors and friends, and everyone stepped in to find the missing child. Even Dough Down, a local pastor, and his deer-hunting hound dog Honey came to help.

Down was contacted and asked if Honey could be of any help in the search. The pastor was more than willing to assist, but wasn’t sure if his dog’s hunting skills would be of any use in this situation. The dog had never before tried locating a missing person, but nevertheless, they were willing to give it a try.

After searching for hours, little Eli was found safe and sound in the middle of the woods. The one who found him was Honey.

“The good Lord was watching over us that night,” said Downs. “He showed up through a four-legged dog.”

The three-year-old was found scared but in good health. He doesn’t remember anything but his parents said they will make sure he knows he is alive thanks to Honey. For now, Eli and Honey have become fast friends.