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Hundreds of Pets Find Forever Homes at Joplin Adoption Drive


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Thousands of animal lovers from dozens of states poured into Joplin, MO this weekend to attend an unparalleled adoption drive. The event was hosted by the Joplin Humane Society in partnership with the ASPCA. The concept was simple, and incredibly effective: no charge for adoptions.

Long lines did nothing to discourage potential adopters, who were assisted by adoption counselors armed with applications.

“It is an amazing experience, after all this hard work and all the heartache just to see this many, the outpouring of people to come out and take one of these guys into their homes, is just, it’s phenomenal,” said Karen Aquino, Executive Director with the Joplin Humane Society.

In addition to waiving all adoption fees, each pet was vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and microchipped in order to prevent future separation from their new owners.

Emily Schneider, of the ASPCA, said 426 animals were adopted on Saturday and another 234 on Sunday.

According to the ASPCA 200 animals remain in their care: some are still recovering from injuries, while others (newborns) are too young and will be listed for adoption in the coming weeks. More than 500 lost animals have now been reunited with their families.