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Hunting Dog Helps Find Senior Dog Lost in Woods.

by Katherine

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When 14-year-old Quik went missing from his home in Ohio, his owner Judy Froehlich worried something had happened to her pet. It turns out the senior chocolate Labrador was stuck shoulder deep in mud and desperately needed to be rescued.

On Sept. 18, 2014, Froehlich let her pet out early in the morning. The dog was just going to the yard like he does every day, but this time when the pet owner called her dog to come back inside, the Quik didn’t return.

Men helping rescue Quik
Men helping rescue Quik


Froehlich’s yard faces a wooded area and she worried her senior pet had wondered off and got lost. Having a scheduled out of town trip, Judy asked her husband to look for the dog.

Frank Froehlich spent hours looking for Quik. He would hear the dog bark but couldn’t locate him. Desperate, he drove to the homes on the other side of the wooded area and asked Alan Cardin, a neighbor he had never met before, if he had seen his dog. ¬†Cardin had not seen Quik but thought his 14-year-old hunting dog named Macy could help locate the missing pet.

Frank, Cardin and Macy drove to the Froehlichs’ home where the hunting dog sniffed Quik’s bed and then took off into the woods to find the trapped pet. Thanks to Macy’s keen nose, the two men and the sniffing dog found poor old Quik.

Macy and Quik
Macy and Quik


It took a few more hours and two other men to help pull Quik from the mud. After a good bath and a well-deserve rest the old chocolate Lab is safe back home where he belongs.

After seven hours searching, the Froehlichs found a new best friend in Cardin and Quik met a new pal and rescuer in Macy.