Husky Destroys iPhone and Dances on the Bed

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Fry would always make strange noises while his parents would get ready for bed, so they decided to find out what he was up to and set up a camera to record him.  Silly dad – he left his iPhone on the bed!  Needless to say, the rambunctious husky had his way with it!



“My Husky, Fry, has been making some crazy noises while my wife and I get ready for bed.  We shut our other Husky in the bathroom with us because he likes to chew things.  This way we can keep an eye on our husky.  When we would come out we’d find the bed to be a mess.  So, I decided to record what he was doing.  A couple nights went by and he did nothing.  But this night was a different story,” explains uploader KRONC27.  “Unfortunately, I left my iPhone on the bed while I went to take a shower. Fry had never showed any interest in it before so it never occurred to me to put it up where he couldn’t get it…. Big Mistake!!!  BIG!!!  My last iPhone was stolen about a month ago and this one WAS brand new 🙁  I don’t blame him though, after all I was the one who left it out.  If you don’t want a dog to chew something don’t leave where he can get it! Most expensive dog toy ever, learn from my mistakes!!!”