Husky Puppy Tantrum

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Sometimes, dogs are just like furry little children.  They can become difficult, and sometimes will even make an attempt at arguing the point.  Luca here just wants to watch his favorite show and hang out on the couch this afternoon, but his owner seems to have other ideas.  Watch him argue his point like a true professional.

56 thoughts on “Husky Puppy Tantrum”

  1. I’m a Pit Bull mom but I love love love the Husky’s. There eyes are so mysterious and I love the vocals, one of my dogs is a GSD/Pit bull mix….I think her mom may have had some husky in her because my dog sound just like these Huskies.

  2. I thought I heard him say “I don’t want to” and then in the end I thought I heard him say “alright”!


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