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Hydrotherapy Gets Disabled Husky Back on His Paws

by Melanie

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From KRONC27 (back in 2012):


This is my Husky Kane.  Two days ago his back legs stopped working. He’s very old, too old for surgery and he hurts. Unfortunately pain medication only helps so much.

We’ve found that taking him for a swim is the only thing that really helps. In the pool he is weightless and has no pressure causing pain in his back legs. It’s such a relief to know that while we’re swimming Kane isn’t hurting. 

Only a couple days after pool therapy Kane was up and on his feet again. With a little help… and sometimes he even does it all by himself.

We’re not sure how long Kane will be here, but as long as he is I’m going to make sure he’s as comfortable as possible. Every day he tells me how much he appreciates it!