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I Must Be Nice – They Saved Me Twice

by Melanie

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12.20.13 - Help Harley Walk Again1

Harley, a dog rescued by Lisa and Peter Cohen, needed to be rescued again when he was injured suddenly and required expensive surgery. Rather than give their family member up, the couple, already facing financial difficulties, is doing whatever they can to provide for their only child.

12.20.13 - Help Harley Walk Again2

Written from Harley’s point of view:

Imagine my shock when one minute I was playing and the next I was screaming in pain and my hind legs were paralyzed. We drove for an hour to the nearest neurosurgeon to find out I had ruptured a disc. In order to walk again, I needed emergency surgery. The surgery alone was over $7,000. 24/7 intensive care was required, and then rehabilitation.

Lisa and Peter chose to rescue me again. Not all dogs are as lucky as me; some are euthanized. Two months after they adopted me, they suffered two job lay-offs in a year. After 27 years in Los Angeles, they moved to upstate New York for a job that fell through. They never gave up and after two years, made it back to LA.

12.20.13 - Help Harley Walk Again3

I feel so bad that they are not only facing a financial burden but a physical one as well. Carrying me up and down the stairs to manually express my bladder is taking a toll, so we are looking to move to a ground floor situation.

I would be forever grateful for your support in our time of need. I am four weeks post-op and my progress is a bit below average. Hydrotherapy has been recommended to step up the rehab. We are pawsitive we will get there one way or another.

12.20.13 - Help Harley Walk Again6

If you would like to donate to Harley’s care, please click here.

The first 50 donations of $50 or more will receive renowned dog photographer Frank Bruynbroek’s Compawssion Calendar 2014.

In addition, Frank is offering a Photo Session ($1000 value, prints not included) in Los Angeles for the largest donation made by Christmas Day. Frank is best known for his photographs of rescue dogs. Creator of Compawssion, the book combines his art and activism to bring dignity to all of man’s best friends. I am so proud that Frank included his portrait of me in the book. To learn more about Frank and his cause, please visit his website –



12.20.13 - Help Harley Walk Again7

Harley is a cherished member of our family. He rarely leaves our side. His boundless love of life gets us through the difficult times and makes the good times even better. He’s the keeper of time, schedules our walks, and eavesdrops on all our conversations. We hope to have him back on his feet, running the show, soon.

Harley has been a promoter of rescue dogs and adoption for more than five years. We have been asked hundreds of times what kind of dog he is; we always say rescue. He can make even the grumpiest person smile. His involvement with Frank Bruynbroek’s book and calendars has helped raise awareness and funds for other rescue dogs.

Thanks for your support.

Lisa & Peter

12.20.13 - Help Harley Walk Again5

Harley saw the neurologist today and also had his fourth therapy session. He is making slow progress but he will recover. Tomorrow is the end of his first week of therapy and we are anticipating seven more weeks, four times a week.

For more information, updates and adorable photos, please visit Harley’s Facebook page.