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Icy Eyes, Warm Hearts: Meet Adoptables Duncan & Princess Kesha

by Amy Drew

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duncan pk
Siblings Duncan & Princess Kesha can be adopted together or separately.


Duncan is a a sweet senior boy of 7 who’s been with Helping Hands Humane Society in Topeka, KS, since February 12.

A husky/pit bull mix, he is friendly and social with people and other dogs — as you can see by how well he does on a pack walk! Sadly, his owners were facing some difficult circumstances in their lives that made them make the difficult choice of giving him up. He’s got twinkly-blue eyes, an adventurous spirit and a very sweet heart. His former owners let the folks at rescue know that Duncan has a history of guarding his food with other dogs.

Duncan in profile. Those gorgeous eyes!

That happened on occasion with his “sister,” Princess Kesha, who was surrendered at the same time.

Staffers at Helping Hounds have assessed both dogs to be independent and confident, so they are not a bonded pair and so will have better odds of being adopted sooner separately (of course, qualified adopters are welcome to bring both home!).

Princess Kesha is also a husky/pit cross. A bit more aloof than her brother, she still greets people and dogs well.

Princess Kesha
Cute, smiley Princess K!

Duncan and PK enjoy playing and running together outside. Staffers find it interesting that they look similar, but have two completely different personalities — not unlike human siblings! Duncan behaves in a more Lab-like way, PK more like a husky.

Thanks to a grant from the Grey Muzzle Organization, Helping Hounds can help them both find lovely forever homes.

Want more information on these beauties? Visit Helping Hands Humane Society online.