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Ignored, Badly Injured Dog Gets the Rescue of a Lifetime

by Melanie

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10.10.14 - Unwanted Serbian Dog Saved1

Our friend Zoran, an animal rescuer in Serbia, has come to us with another rescue story, this time about a dog he affectionately calls Rain Girl:

That day I had no idea that I would have the opportunity to see an innocent animal that has survived such horror.  That scene will remain forever in my memory. It was raining, and she was lying by the roadside. Cars were passing by, spraying her with water from the road. She lay curled up.

She looked very bad.  Cars passed by her, and nobody stopped to help her. For the umpteenth time, I wondered, is the life of one dog worth so little for some people?!  Unfortunately for some people, the answer is YES.

I approached her.  She had breathing problems.  I tried to pick her up and she moaned from pain.  She suffered pain heroically.  Her wounds must really hurt but she was hiding her pain.  When I picked her up I saw that she was skinny, and that she had no strength to stand alone.  I took off my jacket I wrapped it around her and clean her from mud, it was time to help her.

That’s when I knew she would not live long without help. Of all the cases that I’ve had when I was helping dogs, this was the most emotional. I was holding in my hands a dog whose life was slowly turning off.  Her body was cold, and she lay still for a long time.

I immediately took her to the vet, along with the girls from the private Association for the Protection of Animals where I volunteer.  They were with me all the time and they were weeping when they saw the dog in that bad condition.


10.10.14 - Unwanted Serbian Dog Saved4


The veterinarian did not have good news. There were big problems with the nerves on one of her legs. She had been bitten by another dog.  At first sight the wound looked harmless but it is very dangerous. An ultrasound showed problems with internal organs, and she has a broken rib. She will have to have an operation and must be under veterinary supervision till surgery.  After she must have constant observation and receive therapy, an expense too large for us. She would not survive long without the help of a vet.

But I never gave up, even at the hardest moments. I said, “We can do it!”  We agreed on an operation to help her.  Now is the time to heal her wounds and to show her that not all humans are bad.  The operation will be soon, after analysis and observation.

I do not know what kind of life is it when no one loves you.  I do not know if I could once again have trust in people after her pain, but she does not know to hate people, even after all that they did to her. That’s why I admire her and I will give my best to help her.

Before this case, my fiancée and I have helped many dogs.  Now they are all our pets, they enjoy life, and beautiful messages are coming from all over the world because of that.  (Many thanks to Carly from Arizona.)  Their words they mean a lot to us.

I know that if we work together we can accomplish miracles.  Money is not everything, so at the very least, please share this story.  It does not cost anything, but it may change the minds of someone to understand that dogs are our friends.  They are not the mud beside the road – they have hearts like ours. They know how to love, and they do not know how to lie.  They would never leave a man by the road to die, and because of that I cannot tell them NO!

If you would like to help Rain Girl get the surgery she needs, please click here.


10.10.14 - Unwanted Serbian Dog Saved5