In Memory of Star

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One of the most troubling cases of animal abuse in recent memory has taken a sad turn. At 3 pm (local time) this afternoon, Star passed away.

The mixed breed dog achieved fame after she was rescued from a shallow grave near Ghar Hasan after having been shot and left for dead. Her rescue and recovery were regarded as miraculous, and thousands joined her fan page to offer support during her recovery. To this day her abuser remains at large.

Star passed away less than 24 hours after hundreds of her supporters assembled for an anti-animal cruelty demonstration inspired by her case – the largest protest of its nature ever held in Malta.

Star had been doing well in the care of St. Francis Animal Welfare Center and was expected to make a full recovery. She went home for a few hours this Saturday to get to know her new owners, but was rushed back to the clinic when she started vomiting. Tests confirmed acute pancreatic inflammation, and within just a few hours, the dog who had shone so brightly through her darkest days quietly faded away.

RIP beautiful.

80 thoughts on “In Memory of Star”

  1. oh God..RIP Star, this is so sad, I can’t stand it. The only thing that I take comfort in is knowing that she was surrounded by and felt love in the last days of her life. While it can’t certainly overshadow the cruelty she also felt prior to being rescued, at least she knew love, felt love and was surrounded by love. RIP sweet, brave girl.

    • That is exactly right, Lori. She was given a second chance at life so that she could learn and know love. I bet she’s smiling down from the Rainbow Bridge taking comfort in that!

  2. Rest in peace sweet girl and know that your story opened the eyes to many about the horrors of animal cruelty. Because of you and your story, many are inspired to help in the fight for tougher laws. You will not be forgotten.

  3. Oh Star! I am heartbroken that your time knowing love was so tragically brief! RIP beloved girl and know that many of us are praying for you. You touched thousands of lives with your courage and spirit.

    • Beautifully stated, Marie. This so sad, and the most tragic part of it, is that it did not have to happen, as in so many horrendous cases of animal abuse. Lovely Star is truly an angel.

  4. *insert profanity here*…I really wish they would find who did that to this sweet baby … & well…prison is too good for that person. 🙁 RIP Sweet Star. <3 <3 *tears*


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