In the Car With Man’s Best Friend

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People love spending time with their dogs and often this includes having them as sidekicks during ride-alongs.  With safety being at the forefront, issues like leaving pets in cars or putting them into harm’s way by not securing them, are hot-button issues, and there are some dogs that are making their own point about that.  There are also some dogs that prefer doing the driving, themselves.  And certainly, there is one thing most people can agree on when it comes to driving and that is everyone likes to sing when they are in the car.

As to being left in the car, some dogs make a point of letting their owners know this is not the right thing to do.  More dogs need to learn this.  Better yet, more owners need to learn NOT to leave their dogs in cars to begin with, right?


Of course, some dogs prefer to do the driving, themselves. Or pretend to drive themselves.  As to little Chloe below, I think whoever her co-pilot is needs some serious lessons.

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