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Injured Stray Dog Gets Rescued and Kicks off Rescue Program

by Katherine

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In Escazú, Costa Rica, highway workers from Autopistas del Sol rescued a mixed dog that was hit by a car and left injured in a ditch. If it wasn’t for the workers the dog would have died from his injuries.

The stray was rescued last November and he was named after the highway where he was found, Ruta 27 (Route 27). The action of these men not only saved this canine’s life but it also gave way to a new program that promises to help any stray animal that is found injured or lost along the highway.

Ruta when rescued and after his rehabilitation. Photo Credit: EducaDogs
Ruta when rescued and after his rehabilitation. Photo Credit: EducaDogs


Autopista del Sol has signed an agreement with Rescate Animal, a local rescue group, and any time a stray is found along the highway, the rescue group will take the found pet to a local veterinarian to receive medical help.

Anyone along the highway who spots and injured or lost pet can call Autopista del Sol at 2588-4040 to report the pet. The rescue hotline is 24 hours.

As for Ruta 27, he made a full recovery. Rescate Animal worked with him and placed him in obedience school where he became the star of the class. The lucky dog not only flourished in class but also found a forever home.

A family from Boulder, Co., learned about him, fell in love with him and brought him home.

Learn more about Ruta’s journey to his new home at EducaDogs.