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Innocent Dog Survives Getting Shot with Arrow

by Katherine

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When Christina Hircsu of Welland, Ontario, Canada, took her dog and her mother’s dog out for a stroll, she never expected one of the dogs would be cruelly shot with an arrow, but that is just what happened.

Tara shot with an arrow. Photo Credit: News in Port Colborne and Wainfleet.
Tara shot with an arrow. Photo Credit: News in Port Colborne and Wainfleet.

Hircsu has walked the dogs along the tracks behind Nelles Road in Welland for many years, but never before had her pets been injured. On this occasion, while she walked ahead with her own dog, Rocky, Hircsu’s mother’s dog, named Tara, stayed behind to explorer the trail.

“I heard a noise and then I heard her cry,” Hircsu told Bullet News Niagara. “I kept calling her to come and nothing. I think the arrow had her pinned to the ground. Eventually, she pulled the arrow out of the ground and slowly limped towards me.”

In a panic and not knowing what to do Hircsu screamed out for help. Luckily a man heard her screams and came out to help. He called police and soon law enforcement as well as the Humane Society arrived to help the injured canine.

“I used the man’s phone to call my mom,” said Hircsu. “She took her dog to the vet. They sent us to the emergency animal vet in St. Catharines.”

Veterinarians successfully removed the arrow from Tara’s torso and fortunately no organs were hit or damaged by the projectile. Antibiotics and painkillers were administered and the dog is recovering well.

The Niagara Regional Police and the Welland Humane Society have an open investigation to find the culprit(s) of this heinous attack.