Interspecies Love: Ohio Shelter Cat Adopts, Nurses Puppy

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The Cleveland Animal Protective League would like you to meet a couple of their more adorable residents. After a puppy’s mother died while giving birth in early October, the owner was unable to keep up with bottle feeding, so the pup was surrendered to the Cleveland APL. That’s when Mrs. Rabbit (a stray cat recently dropped off at the shelter) stepped in and took over, mothering and nursing the hungry pup.

The new family of four will remain together in foster care for about another month until they are old enough to be fixed. They will then be put up for adoption. According to Sharon Harvey, Executive Director of The Cleveland APL, “We have an organization here that’s full of incredibly passionate, compassionate, committed humans. Now, we even have one of our animals, Mrs. Rabbit, helping us to save lives.”

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14 thoughts on “Interspecies Love: Ohio Shelter Cat Adopts, Nurses Puppy”

  1. Sadly the cat has more compassion the the ‘owner’ that allowed the female dog to get pregnant in the first place. There are people out there seeking to make money selling puppies in this poor economy and don’t provide the dogs with proper care. Think people! If there are folks losing their homes and jobs, do you think they are going to buy a puppy? Don’t breed or buy while those in shelters die! Neuter and spay!

    • This puppy is absolutely adorable!

      @ Pati – Really?! You are going to jump to conclusions that the person who had this dog was automatically a breeder trying to sell them! It is people like you that cause more harm to animals and getting them adopted than those who do not have your attitude. And why is it that we have to adopt from shelters, huh?! Get over yourself, a shelter dog is not always the answer in every situation. Beside if we can’t breed dogs anymore there really won’t be need for shelters, will there?!

      • “Beside if we can’t breed dogs anymore there really won’t be need for shelters, will there?!”
        What an ignorant statement… do you have ANY idea how GREAT it would be if we didn’t NEED shelters anymore?

        • I agree 100%!!!!!!!!!!!! The best thing I can think of in the whole world would be NO MORE SHELTERS!!!! You called her statements ignorant..but when you state sometimes it is better to NOT get a dog from the shelter you sound like an alien to me!!! It would never be better for a puppy to die in a shelter while you pick one out from a back yard breeder….WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! Each time someone like you talks like this another dog dies a sad and lonely death in the shelter. What do you not understand about that???????

          • It’s amazing to me how EVERY time something like this is posted SOMEBODY has to turn it into a battle between shelter dogs vs. buy a puppy. Personally I ALWAYS recommend getting a dog from a shelter if you are in a position to do so. HOWEVER, I think anyone with a family needs to know where their pet is coming from and what type of temperament and issues they may be looking at before bringing an animal around their children. Yes there are those special dogs in shelters who make great family pets, but I for one would never risk my children’s safety bringing home a dog whom I didn’t know their background.

  2. I wonder if that little pup will start meowing!!! That is so neat that the mothe cat took on the car of the pup. Adorable!


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