Investigation Launched into Suspicious Deaths at Pet-Boarding Facility

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There has been an investigation launched, looking into 17 deaths at a dog boarding house in Gilbert, Arizona that according to officials “seem a little odd.”  Investigators want to remind the public that they should not jump to conclusions before everything has come to light in the incident.

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office, the dogs looked to be overheated after climate controls at the boarding house went down at the Green Acre facility.

What makes the situation “seem a little odd,” is the fact that during the summer months, the dogs sleep outdoors, where temperatures are considerably cooler, and overheating is less likely to happen.  Odd circumstances aside, Maricopa County Animal Care and Control spokesperson Melissa Gable warns not to make snap judgments, before the entire investigation plays out.

Initial investigations state the dogs were checked on around 11P.M. Thursday by staff at the facility.  When staff returned around 5:30A.M. Friday, a large number of the dogs were dead, and others were on their way to being dead.

Outward appearances are that one of the dogs managed to chew or somehow break through the facility’s wall, and take out a number of electrical wires needed to feed the climate control units on that side of the building.  There was none of the multiple air conditioning units left working.  Even though some severely struggling but still alive dogs were moved outside and every effort was made to cool them off, they still passed.

Dogs were reported as “overheated and unresponsive” by workers arriving that morning, “in the portion of the house where the dogs were being boarded.”

Chris Hegstrom is the MCSO spokesperson and heading up the investigation.  As of now, there are no updates available, but there could be more information available later today, or on Tuesday.