Is That a Service Dog?

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This story from Portland, Oregon is representative of an issue that I see discussed in numerous places as I make my way about the net. Do you sneak your dogs into stores? If so, you may be making it harder for those who need service dog access to public places. Judging by the comment response to this article, it’s becoming a hot topic.

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20 thoughts on “Is That a Service Dog?”

  1. Yes, it really, really, bothers me when people try to sneak their pet dogs in stores disguised as Service dogs.
    As a country, we should either tighten the Service Dog access laws, or make them looser.
    People bringing their pet dogs into stores disguised as Service Dogs are doing a serious disservice to the people that actually need them.
    Every time one store has a bad experience with allowing a 'Service Dog' (whether real or not) inside, they become much less friendly to those people that actually have a well-trained and polite dog that provides services to his owner.

  2. This is just stupid. STUPID! We seem, these days, to want to be liberal in all things and adopt the European way of thinking, except when it comes to animals!

    If you go in any restaurant in most of Europe, the outdoor cafes most especially, you will see people with their dogs. How can a dog carry more bacteria than we carry into the store on the bottom of our shoes or clothing! Our hands, even!!

    I was just coming through the airport the other day and noticed a woman with her, wait for it, Service Dog CAIRN TERRIER! Yep. I've had five Cairns and dearly love them, but what sort of service the dog might be providing her, I couldn't say.

    I didn't want to disrespect her or the dog, as the dog was wearing his service dog vest, so I never did learn what it does. Is she scamming the system? Perhaps.

    I knew one lady who flat out told you she went through the process because she suffers from anxiety and wants her dog with her. Personally? I think she's a big pussy, but she did what the law allows her to do. God help the dog…

    Last thing? If your animal is a service animal for you, do the right thing and put a vest on the animal so people don't get their knickers all tied up in a self-righteous knot about seeing it.

    Holy Freeholie…can't we all just get along?!

  3. I hate that.
    We have issues many times with taking our guide dog puppies in stores. Many people think they are our pets.

  4. The way the law is stated all a person needs to do is to claim the dog is a service dog and say why the person needs a dog. Businesses must abide by the law.

  5. Ya, I'm a bit put off by the yahoos who bring their NON service dogs everywhere. It's out of hand. Service dogs should wear vests. I whole-heartedly support the service dog who does ANYTHING that the person cannot do or PREVENTS a health issue (like seizures) or aids in health care (like carry a couple of pounds of drugs that the person has to take every few hours). whatever it is.

    The new thing people do is make their dogs therapy dogs, and take advantage of that. Which is a wrong thing to do. The therapy is for ANOTHER person, not the handler. The dog is not allowed to use the vest as a service to the handler. It's really disgusting how people bend and break the law.

    It's fine that we as a nation don't follow European culture. Afterall, we are a suit-happy nation full of morons who spill hot coffee on themselves and sue the coffee maker. It's sad to live that way. I don't trust our country's people to behave like Europeans because they don't in too many other ways. The law is the law and nobody should be breaking it especially when it makes it harder for those who need service dogs.

  6. Wow. Old Girl and I, too, do favor the European approach as someone mentioned earlier, but we also try to be respectful of people who disagree with us. So that means no grocery or restaurants for me unless it's openly pup-friendly. {Old Girl found bunches of places like this in Austin!}

  7. I'm usually on the side of less government intervention rather than more, but I can't help but wonder if requiring specific credentials for service animals would help to prevent the type of abuses that go on now because businesses cannot ask for credentials and anyone can claim their pet is a service animal.


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