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Is Your Dog a Star? Woofpup Thinks So

by Adrea

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There are all kinds of ways to try and make your own pet a star these days.  There are multiple online resources happily share what you need to do to bring on the followers, but not everyone has the time, or interest, to invest in that manner. But, what if you wanted to do something that was just fun and maybe got your adorable pup a bit of  attention and the opportunity to share with like-minded people your stories?

Woofpup Pioneers

Enter the Woofpup of the Month contest, on  It is a really sweet idea, the concept for the dog-loving community coming directly from CEO Brandon Palmer’s nine-year old twin daughters. so Life With Dogs asked some questions to learn more about the contest and site.

Life With Dogs:      Can you expand a bit on how the twins came up with the idea? I think this would be really interesting for the readers.

Woofpup:                 Brandon Palmer’s twin daughters love looking at dogs online. They often spend time printing dog pictures or drawing pictures of dogs, wishing they could bring the dogs they saw online into their homes. One day, when Brandon was working on his website for his other business, one of his daughters mentioned if she had a website, she would make a website where she can look at pictures of dogs, which is what sparked the idea for Woofpup! By introducing the Woofpup of the Month contest and creating plush dogs that look like the monthly winners, Palmer found a way for his daughters and other members to enjoy photos and stories of many cute dogs. Woofpup then created a new collectible brand of plush toys, perfect to be given as gifts, and established a fun way to continue playing with the online dogs away from a computer!

Jackson side shot Jackson

LWD:     How is the “Woofpup of the Month,” decided?

WP:        The “Woofpup of the Month” is the dog with the most votes in the contest each month. We encourage our members to share the site with their family and friends to help their dog get voted Woofpup of the Month!

Riley paw printRiley

LWD:     What is the current goal of Woofpup and are there any short term or long term plans in the works?

WP:        Since just launched, the current goal is to get people signed up and involved in everything Woofpup has to offer, like connecting with other pup-passionate people, updating albums of their dogs, sharing fun stories about their pups, and giving the Woofpup plush toys as gifts. We also want to see  our members enter their dogs in the “Woofpup of the Month” contest or vote for other dogs!  

Long term, we hope to work with different shelters and animal rescue organizations in hopes of them getting involved so we can feature a shelter dog as Woofpup and give back by awarding them the $500 for their organization.

Ruby in boxRuby 

LWD:     Would there ever be an opportunity for people to order their own Woofpup dog apart from the contest?

WP:        Right now, we’re only offering dogs that win the contest to be made into a Woofpup. The idea behind the plush Woofpups is that a plush toy is modeled after the pup that was voted the cutest by the Woofpup community. The toys are inspired by real life dogs, with real stories, and chosen by the fans that vote for them on Woofpup. This allows us to offer fun, cute, treasured toys that our membership can gift and collect. With only one new winning dog each contest, we are able to keep the price point low enough for families to grow their own Woofpack!


Please visit for more details and how to see your dog a star!

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