It Was “Love at First Sight” for a Family Who Saved a Death Row Pit Bull

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It was love at first sight.

We really didn’t need another dog. We had rescued three pit bull mixes, and through a lot of patience and love had achieved a calm and peaceful household. Then it happened.

On a Facebook page we saw an 11-month-old puppy that had been found on the streets of Manhattan. She was about to be put on the dreaded “list.”  We kept checking the post, certain that someone would snatch her up.

After two anxious days we inquired about her status. We just couldn’t get that face out of our minds. The rescue contacted us within five minutes. They were desperate for someone to adopt her.

Before we knew it, we were meeting Jenna in a parking lot two hours from home. It was very evident she had not had any boundaries or training. Our other dogs were very patient and tolerated her high energy and crazy antics.

Patience and consistent training has transformed this little girl into a treasured member of the family. Even though we didn’t need another dog, we believe it was meant to be.

Submitted to The Animal Rescue Site by Donna of Cobleskill, NY



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