Jealous Dog Forgives Owner

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When Bella saw her owner petting another dog (her pet sibling) she got very jealous. In protest he ran to to the couch to pout, and when her owner came over to her, Bella let her know just how she felt. After a few tense moments Bella forgives her owner and makes up. Whoever thinks dogs don’t have feelings have never own a dog or met Bella.

46 thoughts on “Jealous Dog Forgives Owner”

  1. Katherine, This is not a good representation of dog forgiveness.
    I’m surprised Life with Dogs would post this.

  2. I think this just shows that no matter what, dogs have that unconditional love for us even if we hurt their feelings. Dogs are our children, we can talk to them like our own babies. Forgiving is the key here. Animals are one of themost wonderful creation of God,


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