Jolie – Eating Like a Horse!

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Jolie is putting on weight and should make a full recovery!

On the morning of August 4th, Jolie had no idea that this day was about to become the best day of her life. An East Baton Rouge Animal Shelter volunteer saw the hope in this sweet girl’s eyes and took her home for the night (to make sure she wasn’t put to sleep). Jolie had been starved nearly to death. She could barely hold her head up for more than a few seconds at a time, was infested with hookworms and fleas, had pneumonia, and was severely anemic.

The volunteer took her back to the shelter the next day where the staff realized she needed more medical care than the shelter could provide. They called Cypress Lake Animal Hospital and asked if they could take a look at her. Cypress Lake staff called America’s Dog Pit Bull Rescue about Jolie, who agreed to pay her care and find her a home if she lived.

Jolie’s blood tests showed all her organ levels were normal. What was miraculous, though, was that Jolie was hungry. Sometimes dogs in such an emaciated state don’t have the strength, or the will, to eat but Jolie wasn’t one of those dogs. The vets started her on IV fluids and antibiotics, and fed her every couple of hours.

Jolie hasn’t stopped eating yet and is getting stronger every day. After just 5 days, Jolie took her first steps, her pneumonia is almost gone, and the IV has been removed. She’s gaining weight and now weighs 32 pounds, about half of what she should weigh. Jolie has a long, long way to go but her spirit is good, she’s more active every day, and has forgiven her caretakers for whatever inhumanity she suffered in the past.