Joyous Reunion Ends Separation of Family and Long Lost Dog

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After four long years on the run, a dog once lost is found, and cameras were there to capture the emotional reunion with his family.

The Nakkim family is celebrating the return of their four legged friend. Chuck went missing from his Palo Verdes Estates home in 2007 after breaking out of his yard, prompting an exhaustive search that was ultimately unsuccessful. “He was gone. We looked everywhere. We drove up and down the streets,” said Lisa Nakkim, Chuck’s owner.

It was only recently that the family started entertaining the possibility of getting another dog, but fate had other plans for them. Just a few miles from their home, Linda Shelton was walking to work in Torrance when she noticed an emaciated dog wandering the city streets. She befriended him and brought him to her office.

“He was, I’m sorry to say, the smelliest dog ever,” Sheldon said. “I could see the potential in the dog. He just has a wonderful, big heart.”

A coworker of Sheldon was able to read faint markings on Chuck’s ID tag – and the subsequent phone call was answered by an incredulous Nakkim. “Every word that she kept saying I’m thinking, ‘Oh my gosh. Is this really happening? Is this really Chuck?'” Nakkim said.

A happy reunion took place at the Torrance city hall, and Lisa Nakkim said her daughter nearly fell apart when she recognized her long lost friend. “My daughter said, ‘Oh, we got a dog,’ and I said, ‘No, Lexa. That’s Chuck.’ She started crying. She just lost it,” Nakkim said.

The reunion of Chuck and his family can be seen in the YouTube video below. The once 100 pound dog was down to only 60 pounds at the time he was found, but is said to be packing on the pounds already, and his family couldn’t be happier. “He’s back 100 percent,” said Nakkim’s husband, Eric. “It’s like a lost member of the family coming home.”

The reunion video.

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25 thoughts on “Joyous Reunion Ends Separation of Family and Long Lost Dog”

  1. It was a wonderful reunion with a very happy family, thank you for sharing this. Having said that, thank goodness for the woman who found Chuck, who, though very thin, seems to be in good health. He’s a beautiful, active Lab, who, while his family is enjoying the exposure and interviewing, had better keep a very close eye on this dog. As shown in the video, he is clearly exploring his environment once again, and could easily escape. I hope they keep a close watch!

  2. Great story! I live right next to RPV. But, I don’t like the news report “He did what most black labs do, he busted out of his backyard” My black lab has never busted out, she wants to be as close to us as possible! I hope they put in some bigger fencing!

  3. Glad he’s home but yhey need better fencing…I can see him panicking & trying to get out again just from this video.

  4. This is one wonderful story, brings on the tears for sure, but all joyful ones. What a wonderful story!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. I can’t help but wonder what he’s been up to the past few years! So glad he was taken in and returned to his family!


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