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Joyriding Bulldog Crashes SUV


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Police in Danvers, Massachusetts say they responded to the scene of a reckless driving incident on Old Burley Street to find a happy, mischievous bulldog behind the wheel.

The accident occurred after the owner of a local dog walking business parked the vehicle with the dog inside and the parking brake off. The adventure-seeking pooch put a paw on the shift lever, launching the Saturn into motion and eventually crashing it after a brief commute down a 50 foot grass embankment.

Officer Jason Skane said he was was greeted with a large and “cute” brown and white culprit when he responded to the scene of the accident. “Thank God she didn’t hit anything,” he said after surveying the damage.

Skane said the owner of the SUV “was a little upset” when police spoke with her and explained the mishap. The dog, on the other hand, was unshaken. Officer Skane said when he arrived and located the wayward driver, the dog seemed “like she didn’t have a care in the world.”

Police say they do not have any plans to issue a citation to the driver of the vehicle. 😉