Justice for Floyd: Abusers Plead Guilty in Horrific Neglect Case

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The Wood Green animal shelter in Godmanchester says it’s the worst case of neglect they’ve ever encountered, and on Tuesday, the couple responsible for it plead guilty in a Bedford Magistrates’ Court. David Massey, 62 and his wife Majorie, 60, each pleaded guilty to two counts of causing an animal unnecessary suffering.

The couple told judges that they let their dog’s coat get out of control, and they were too ashamed to take their pet to the vet when they realized just how bad it was getting. Instead of seeking treatment, the couple dumped Floyd in front of the Wood Green animal shelter and sped off.

Magistrates were troubled by the images they saw of the dog, and after considering the suffering involved, warned the couple that they were considering imposing a custodial sentence. The case was adjourned, with sentencing scheduled for February 8th.

Floyd, an unrecognizable old English sheepdog, was found after he was abandoned in front of the shelter. Blinded by matted fur and unable to hear, the terrified dog was wrapped in a cocoon of 30 pounds of tangled hair that literally threatened to kill him. Two-inch long claws made walking a chore, and he was unable to hear through the mats surrounding his head.

A team of vets and nurses freed the dog from his painful state by giving him a haircut –  a two hour emergency procedure that included nail trimming and removal of cysts and grass seeds from his ears and paws. Animal control officers described the level of suffering as “incomprehensible”.

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Floyd, new and improved post-haircut.

10 thoughts on “Justice for Floyd: Abusers Plead Guilty in Horrific Neglect Case”

  1. first pic i didnt even know what it was of …this is the most awfull thing ever that poor dog how them owners let him get like that is beyond me ,i know they are alot of work to keep clean and tangle free but they were pensioners a hour a day would of kept him tangle free but for god sake how long did this poor dog suffer bless him ,i bet his a happy chappy now and he will soon have all his fur back ,and i wish for both the owners to this boy to suffer as much as he has your a sad excuse of a human shame you names and addresses cant be published im sure many animal owners would pay you a visit ,well done all involved youve done him proud

  2. Has Floyd found a new home with people who will love and care for him yet? I hope so. Those two previous owners deserve to have the book thrown at them. They should be banned from ever owning an animal again.

  3. Floyd was put down. I hope that David and Marjorie Massey get the book thrown at them and are banned from ever owning any animal again. This is so sad. Floyd was ten years old.

    • why put down? So the staff and animal control let the dog suffer a little longer, put him through all the grooming and nail trim, which had to be unpleasent, then just put him down? Because he was old? I really don’t understand why they can’t have charges also. They made him suffer too.

  4. these people should have the same thing done to them warpped so they cant walk , hear or feed…and left out to die…..its a blessing in disguise that i dont not know these previous so called peoploe that use to own this innocent animal……hope everything ges well and he fines a bloving home and family they he much desreves…..

  5. Those kind of people should have their faces branded saying “I abuse innocent creatures”! That way there would be no escaping or hiding what they are. At the very least they should be forced to stand on a busy street corner with a BIG sign and a picture of that poor creature stating what they did!


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