Katherine Heigl Falls for Abused Pit Bull

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Actress Katherine Heigl, Last Chance For Animals, and The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation have announced that they are taking in and rehabilitating England, the pit bull hogtied and left for dead in Bakersfield, California last month.

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12 thoughts on “Katherine Heigl Falls for Abused Pit Bull”

  1. Hog tied? That's awful. I wandered over here from WW (your dogs are gorgeous, btw) but now I feel GRRRR.

  2. That was a horrid story but glad they've (almost?) nailed the sick, twisted deviant behind such torturous treatment of England. Hail to Heigl and her foundation for stepping up and speaking out so publicly about England and his rehabilitation. Brava!

  3. Don't pawticularly cares fur her BUT, what she is doing speaks volumes for her morality and ethics. I give her a pat on da back.

  4. So glad more people are showing their support and passion for abused animals, especially pitties <3

  5. You are killing me with these stories Nigel!!! I think I have cried everytime I have visited your blog lately! Yea for Katherine, I'm happy she will give the dog a well deserved home. That dog deserves a lot of love after that abuse!

  6. Good for Katherine Heigl for shedding some of her star shine on important messages such as this (the message being "people who hurt animals need to take responsibility for their actions," "pitties are lovely" & "rescues deserve a 2nd chance").

    On the Rescues Deserve a 2nd Chance topic:

    This is *just* what the cause needs: Every single one of us who believes that rescues deserve a second chance & that rescues are basically da bomb just have to keep on saying it over and over and over again. As long as we keep repeating ourselves pretty soon our neighbours, friends, coworkers, family… EVERYone who wants a pet will say, "Honey? You know how we've been talking about getting a dog? I think it's time to go to the shelter/rescue and give a pooch a forever home." They will head to a rescue and won't even *think* of going to a pet store or looking online.

    We just have to keep repeating ourselves. So yeah to Heigl for adding her voice! 🙂


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