Kevin Costner Joins Orange Dog: Gives Shelter Dogs a Second Chance

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Academy Award winning director Kevin Costner and  Orange Dog founder Jan Folk have teamed up to save the lives of dogs from California, and give them a new chance at a peaceful existence. Kevin Costner said, “In its most simplistic form, that’s what Orange Dog is about – it’s about life…it’s about second chances.”

The actor has joined forces with The Orange Dog to help save shelter dogs in America. The organization has flown more than 300 dogs on a Freedom Flight from overcrowded shelters to Canada to be rescued by new owners. “We know that we’re losing dogs at an astounding rate. In California alone, we know that 5,000 dogs a year are put down,” he said.  “So bringing small dogs to Canada, finding owners who want them,” is his mission.

In an interview with ET, Costner discusses working with Orange Dog. “I’m asked to do a lot of things,” he said. “Why I’ve chosen to support Orange Dog, I can’t really speak to it, other than it spoke to my heart,” he said.

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12 thoughts on “Kevin Costner Joins Orange Dog: Gives Shelter Dogs a Second Chance”

  1. It is so nice to see the stars getting involved in some wonderful projects. Kudos to Kevin for his efforts.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Three stars to Kevin Costner for not only getting involved but also for having a heart of gold. Wish more so called celebrities would speak out.

  3. Its a wonderful thing.. I think al dogs should have a second chance.. I am wanting to adopt again since its been 2 yrs since my dog was killed.. but I also would like to bring my sons dog over to europe with me from Tennessee, since hes off to collage.. I cant seem to get anyone to transport him since he is scared of men.. and so much to do to adopt international.. or even bring your own dog international… 4 paws up for those who can make it happen

  4. This was a very touching story, not only do I like Kevin Costner as an Actor, but it brings me pleasure to see an actor like himself, help in such a geniune kind way. Animals are so unconditional loving, and to see such action, only brings tears to my eyes.


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