Khaleesi, the Dog With No Snout, Has a Strong Will to Live

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Just a photo of Khaleesi will make you wonder how this dog is alive. The black female pit bull has no nose and is missing her snout, she drags herself when walking because her back legs have limited mobility, but even though her body is atrophied and shows multiple signs of abuse, Khaleesi has a strong will to live.


On August 6, 2015, a resident from Pine Hills, Fla., called Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) to report an injured dog that had entered the homeowner’s backyard and stayed there for 4 days. The pet was injured and the caller didn’t know what do with the dog.

An officer picked up the pet, transported her to the shelter and medical staff evaluated the extensive injuries she had endured. Passion 4 Pits founder Stephanie Paquin was in Orlando picking up another dog and when she learned of the deformed dog, immediately she stepped up to help.

An abused dog like Khaleesi is expected to be fearful of human contact and behave very aggressively, but the abused pit bull is far from the expected. She loves attention and wants to be loved.


Veterinarians have told rescuers they believe the dog, who is no older than two years old, has known nothing but abuse. The pooch’s deformity is the consequence of being used as bait dog, and her back legs injury is probably from blunt force trauma. Khaleesi was either hit with a bat or a metal object.

Medical experts say the friendly pit bull is not in pain; she is happy but does experience discomfort once in a while. For the most part she seems unaware of the physical damage inflicted on her by years of abuse.


Rescuers’ and veterinarians’ biggest fear right now is losing her due to asphyxiation. Khaleesi doesn’t have a nasal passage and she could die while eating or drinking water.

The former bait dog needs about six reconstructive surgeries – nasal reconstruction, dental surgery, back surgery and much more. Rescuers hope to raise enough funds to get Khaleesi through all the medical procedures she needs in order to improve her quality of life.

To learn more about Khaleesi and how you can help, visit Passion 4 Pits website or Facebook page. You can also follow Khalessi on her own Facebook page.