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Kidnapped and Abused Dog Gets Reunited with Owner

by Katherine

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Keelo, a Pit Bull mix from Phoenix, Ariz., was riding with his owner, Delbert Weaver, when they stopped at a Circle K convenience store near 19th Avenue and Deer Valley Road on Tuesday, July 10, 2013. While Weaver went inside the store, he left Keelo inside the car with the AC running and the windows cracked, but when he returned to the car Keelo was gone.

Photo Credit: Credit: 3TV
Photo Credit: Credit: 3TV

Immediately, Weaver started looking for his best friend, he posted flyers, used social media to reach out to the public and even called local news stations.

That same night Phoenix 3TV ran a report on Keelo’s abduction and it helped get the dog back to his owner the next morning.

It appears someone saw Keelo inside the truck, stole him, abused him and left him injured inside a portable toilet in a construction zone near the convenience store.

The foreman at the construction site went to use the portable toilet, but when he opened the door, he found Keelo locked inside. He and Michael Lamb, construction worker, were helping the dog when the superintendent of the construction project asked them to get back to work. Fortunately, the superintendent is an animal lover and looked after Keelo the rest of the day.

The injured canine did not have a collar or ID tags on him, this made it difficult for his rescuers to ID him and reunite him with his owner. Keelo spend the night with Lamb.

“The dog is well mannered, well trained, so obviously he belongs to somebody,” said Lamb. “I figured I’d put up a few fliers, ask a few questions and maybe the owner would step forward.”

Rance Anderson, another construction worker saw the news report. He headed to the Circle K convenience store to look for Weaver’s phone number and get in touch with him.

The next morning Weaver was reunited with Keelo. He took his dog to a veterinarian to assist his with his injuries. The abusers had beaten Keelo and shot him behind his left ear. Fortunately, the bullet came out his right cheek. Keelo’s paws were also scrapped, but the vet said prescribed pain medication and some rest would help the dog make a full recovery.

Police are investigating the case but have not received any leads.

No one in their right mind would steal a happy, healthy dog like Keelo just to abuse him and then leave him for dead inside a portable toilet. Thanks to the heroism of the construction workers, Keelo is alive and well today.