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The Kindest Cut: Pet Care on Wheels


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By Nina Bouphasavanh

When I heard about a unique mobile spay/neuter program being today, I had to make sure to take time to spread the word!

So while today’s column is not about a specific animal, it is still about giving back and helping those in need.

Week after week we work toward helping animals find loving homes. But what about all the other animals that do have homes but are with owners who can’t quite afford all the necessary services to care for them?

That’s where a gorgeous, brand-new, eye-popping purple bus comes into play.

The Animal Humane Society has teamed up with private veterinarian Dr. Meghann Kruck to provide low-cost and high-quality spaying and neutering services for low-income communities. With their vision and love for animals, the Kindest Cut is now hitting the streets of the Twin Cities.

Kindest Cut will provide spay/neuter surgeries for cats, dogs and rabbits. Services are meant for pet owners with limited incomes in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area that do not have the resources to sterilize their animals. Surgical costs will range from $40 to $100.

I was able to check it out for myself and think it is stunning inside and out. The staff on board is extra friendly, sharp, and completely passionate about helping animals and people as well.

See the video below to find out what Dr. Kruck and AHS CEO/President Janelle Dixon are saying about Kindest Cut.

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Our thanks to St Louis Patch writer Nina Bouphasavanh for contributing this article.