Kula the Destroyer

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Kula was put in a room by herself because she had just met her cousins and we were not sure how they would be when we were gone.

We went to lunch: we were not even gone for 2 hours and Kula and her cousins decided they all wanted to be together, so with her on the inside chewing at the door and her cousins on the outside doing the same, this is what we came home to…

All we could do is laugh, especially with the look on Kula’s face. =)

14 thoughts on “Kula the Destroyer”

  1. HAHA!! Good attitude to have though…..what are you gonna do about that one! And after all, look at that sweet, innocent face!

  2. I have door with a hole in it……not sure how the hole started but my dog Tawny decided that she wanted to enlarge it…now, if U close the door, she can stick her whole head and neck to her shoulders thru the door. It’s freakin hilarious!! I should post some pics

  3. I am glad you can laugh about it. He really wasn’t trying to be bad. That is a cute story and picture! Sweet dog!

  4. I’m thinking he’s innocent. I mean, just look at his face. He wouldn’t do anything wrong. It must have been a marauding band of…..ummmmm……cats!! Yes! That’s it!! lol.


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