Labrador Saves Owner from Bear Attack

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8.23.14 - Labrador Saves Owner from Bear Attack2

A Virginia man is lucky to be alive after he encountered a very protective mama bear in George Washington National Forest on Thursday.  She attacked him, but thankfully his noble dog intervened and they were able to get away.

Steven Krichbaum was in the woods of Hardy County, West Virginia with his yellow Lab mix named Henry when a black bear and her cubs came across their path.  Her protective instincts kicked in and she immediately attacked.

Henry took her on, giving Krichbaum time to grab a rock.  He struck her with it and the pair took off.  They stopped at a fruit market to ask for directions to the nearest hospital.  Owner Eddie Richard said they were covered in blood.

8.23.14 - Labrador Saves Owner from Bear Attack1

“He was really bleeding out.  He had a huge, open gash on his forearm,” Richard said.

His wife Nancy called an ambulance while she and her friend Cathy Patterson did what they could to stop the bleeding.  Kirchbaum had numerous scratches and a half dollar size hole in his thigh.  Henry was also injured, and was favoring one of his hind legs.

Krichbaum was taken to Winchester Medical Center and Henry was taken by the Frederick County Sheriff’s Animal Control to an emergency animal hospital.  Both are expected to fully recover, thanks to Henry’s heroic actions.


33 thoughts on “Labrador Saves Owner from Bear Attack”

  1. I live where this took place. Police have found that the dog was unleashed and attacked the cubs and the mother bear attacked this man to protect her cubs. The dog then began attacking the mother bear. She was only protecting her cubs. If the dog had not attacked the cubs this probably wouldn’t have happened. Now they are trying to catch the mother and cubs to put them down. What a shame.

    • If this is what really happened, then this man should own up to it, and maybe they will let the mother and cubs go on about their business. It is a shame – I agree with you wholeheartedly.

  2. Dogs are completely fearless and dont think twice about risking their own lives to save the lives of their human friends. What other creature (let alone human) would do this? Dogs are amazing creatures!

  3. I am sorry the say they are planning on hunting down the bear and her cubs. She was just protecting her babies. And please don’t misunderstand I want the very best for the dog I just don’t agree with a death sentence for her and the cubs

  4. I live in Winchester Virginia. This was a sow with 2 cubs. The story in the paper this mornings paper is now DNR has set out traps and if they are caught killed and tested for rabies.

  5. Thats why the dog is the best friend a human could have.! Love them to death, And still humans hurt them. Idc if you are poor and need money and do whatever it takes to feed your family, dont you ever hurt your dog or any dog for that matter. Dog fights, abusing, you name it. This world must stop this. I dont really believe in anything but i do believe in karma for those who hurts animals. So if one torture any kind of animal you gonna get it back some way or another in your next life or in hell or wherever it may be!

  6. I have 2 dogs who will die for me and they are verry small
    but they will attack and kill anyone who tries to hurt me


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