Las Vegas Homeless Dogs Find Loving Homes in Canada

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We all know there are many irresponsible pet owners that when they foreclose on their homes or when they simply move away they leave their pets behind to their own luck. Some pets get rescued, enter a shelter and eventually get adopted. Others not so lucky get euthanized or worse, die a lonely and painful death abandoned in what was once their home. Abandoned dogs in Las Vegas are finding a new lease in life by becoming Canadian dog-residents.

Las Vegas is one of the top cities with the most foreclosure homes, and with this comes an influx of abandoned pets. Most of the evicted animals end up in Las Vegas’ Lied Animal Shelter. On an average day, 117 dogs and cats enter the shelter, leaving the organization with no other option but to euthanize about 65 pets each day.

This is Pono the 1000th FUPI dog now living in Canada. Photo Credit: FUPI
This is Pono the 1000th FUPI dog now living in Canada.
Photo Credit: FUPI

The good news is that an organization called Foreclosed Upon Pets International (FUPI) is saving some of these pets.  FUPI has have found loving homes for more 1,000 abandoned Las Vegas Dogs.

Canadian residents are looking pets, but there is a shortage of pets in the country, therefore American shelter dogs are being exported up north.

Everett Croxson, executive director of FUPI started the emigration program in 2008. He hoped to find homes for foreclosure-displaced animals and he teamed up with Petcetera, a Canadian pet store chain similar to PetCo in the U.S.

The economy in Canada is a lot more stable and this allows Canadians to afford proper pet care.

FUPI fly the homeless dogs to Vancouver, and Petcetera places them for adoption through the chain’s 18 big-box stores.

The cost to adopt a FUPI dog through Petcetera is $500 (U.S.) and that includes the costs of the animals’ transportation, spaying or neutering, shots, health certificate, care and boarding at Petcetera.

So far more than 1,000 American dogs have moved and settled in Canada through this program. Canada might be a colder place for the pets, but it is there where they have found the love and care they deserve.



3 thoughts on “Las Vegas Homeless Dogs Find Loving Homes in Canada”

  1. Who wrote this article? Shortage of pets in our country???
    Tell that to the hundreds of cats and dogs that are euthanized daily across Canada.
    A colder place for pets???
    Much to the surprise of our southern neighbours, there is not an ice wall at the border.

    Check your facts before you make such statements. there is NO shortage of pets in our country.

  2. There are many puppymills in Quebec and very little is being done about stopping them.
    While some areas in Canada may have fewer dogs in shelters, there are areas that have too many and dogs and cats are being killed (not euthanized!).
    Folks everywhere need to get involved. Don’t buy puppies at pet stores, support your local shelters. Support neuter/spay and support getting the ignorant people educated! Because there are a lot of them out there leaving dogs outside to freeze and allowing them to breed.


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