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Last Minutes with Oden


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last minutes with oden

A heartbreaking entry from one of the finalists in the Vimeo Video Awards, this documentary is incredibly hard to watch. It may just be the most heartbreaking thing I have seen, period. It’s also quite powerful if you can take it.

As sad as this is, there is a beautiful message offered if you can see it through your tears. If you have ever had to put a dog down you will likely relate to something here, and if you haven’t, you’ll get a very realistic glimpse at the pain of loss and the agony of making the decision. Jason Wood was brave to share the experience, and those brave enough to take this journey with him aren’t likely to forget it.

Shared on the basis of artistic merit and for the message behind the sadness, but with two warnings: there is rough language that you may find offensive, and Oden is euthanized on camera.

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