Lazy City Workers Paint Over Dead Dog

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How many animal lovers who encounter the body of a deceased pet in the middle of the street would just go about their days as nothing ever happened? Not too many. If we don’t physically remove the dog, we would for sure contact authorities and see the pet is properly removed. This however, seems to be a foreign concept for city workers in Monterrey, Mexico, who found a dead dog while painting yellow traffic lines, and instead of removing the body, they simply painted over it.

Photo credit: El Norte
Photo credit: El Norte

According to a local witness who spoke to El Manana, the large breed dog was not hit by a car. The dog’s body showed no sign of road rash or injuries consistent with getting hit by a car. It seemed as if the dog died and was later left on the street.

On January 2, 2016, city workers started their task of painting yellow traffic lines early in the morning, however, when workers encountered the dead dog, the lazy and inhumane city employees decided it would be best to just paint the lines over the pet instead of humanly removing the dog.

The dog’s tail, torso, ears, nose and even tongue were spray painted bright yellow, and the road underneath him remained its previous color.

We now know that Monterrey city workers won’t lift a finger to do anything outside their job descriptions.

As for the dead dog, it is not clear when or how he died, who left him there, if he had previous owners, or if his body was later removed. What is known is that local animal lovers are furious with how this pet was abused even after his own death.

15 thoughts on “Lazy City Workers Paint Over Dead Dog”

  1. This is pitiful and indicative of the decline of morals of society. The stupid comments are no different. Its not funny when a creature dies. Imagine their pain, the indignity this poor doggy suffered. If you cant show respect to such a creature then I hope you are disregarded as well when your time comes. RIP doggy.

  2. This pic is a set up, so the story probably is, as well.

    Look at the dog. No paint on head or legs, yet there is paint easily seen beneath head and legs.

    Don’t job to conclusions…look and think first.

    I’m a dog lover, too…but this story is nonsense and made up.

  3. Katherine, being inhumane only applies to living animals or people.

    By the way, did you write this article to upset and enrage people? People are so sensitive these days.

    These companies are outsourced to paint roads, animal services deals with the cascaras. Two different entities.

    I’d suggest you research how a city works before playing with people’s emotions.


    • so when you die, it would be just fine to toss you in the garbage, no funeral, no prepping, nothing…well at least you will save someone a little money when you go.

  4. Get real here. The dog, once dead, didn’t “endure” anything. This happens everywhere you have divided responsibilities for picking up dead animals and painting the roads. “It’s not my job, man,” is pretty universal. I once lived on a road where the line-painters just painted over a dead squirrel that got flatter and flatter the longer it stayed there. I called the county that administered the road, and the clerk I talked to call the correct department and had it cleaned up by the next day. Leaving a gap in the double yellow line. Perhaps a little more judgment on what constitutes a story about dogs we want to read is in order. Abuse of a corpse? Not really.

  5. Typical of Mexicans, they are gross uncaring people and you people want them here in the USA? Not this person.

  6. Welcome to Mexico. If anyone has been there, they know how most treat animals there. Human life is cheap to Mexico….


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