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Let’s Help Keep Bruce Man Going!

by Melanie

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4.10.15 - Let's Keep Bruce Man Going1


The following plea comes from Ashley Bown:

This is my beloved boy Bruce. I have had him since he was 7 weeks old, he is my first puppy to ever own and raising him has been a sheer joy. He has a heart of gold but is an orthopedic breeding disaster. He was born with hip dysplasia on the left side and has tendinitis in the front bicipital tendons as a result. It has been a constant struggle to keep the right balance of just enough fun and exercise to not pay the price of limping the next few days after. There has always been a balance of good days and bad days but the good days are too far apart now, and it is heartbreaking to watch him suffer daily in pain and discomfort.


4.10.15 - Let's Keep Bruce Man Going5


This past month his walking has significantly declined and the pain medications to manage his lameness are no longer helping. In the past week he hasn’t been able to get up to eat his breakfast or dinner but a few times and I have had to hand feed him on the floor. I have also had to help him get up to go potty outside. So, today I took him to see Dr. Munjar at, Veterinary Surgical Center of Portland. Dr. Munjar is an orthopedic surgeon there and he did a lameness exam and x-Rays of his hips and shoulders. The X-Rays showed severe hip dysplasia in the left and partial detachment of the femoral head in the hip socket. Bruce needs a hip replacement 🙁

This has been a surgery that I knew someday I would have to face with him, and sadly that day has come. I am sending this post, “Project Keep Bruce Man Walking” to all animal and dog lovers for help. The surgery is $5,500 with rehabilitation and a sling needed post-surgery to keep the weight off the limb for it to heal. I would deeply appreciate any help to get Bruce this surgery soon so he can walk again. Please share this post with your friends on Facebook to spread the word about Bruce and his needed hip replacement. I will continue to update with photos in the days ahead.


4.10.15 - Let's Keep Bruce Man Going2


Update #1:

This is a picture of the X-Rays taken at the surgical center today. The left hip (one on top) has significant joint remodeling and partial detachment from the socket. Dr. Munjar feels confident he will be walking again 8-12 weeks post-surgery, and have a significantly better quality of life with his new hip.

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Update #5:

Well, today we got some sad news on Bruce. He has been anemic this past week and yesterday his hematocrit had dropped even more. So he had an abdominal ultrasound this morning and it showed his spleen covered in masses/nodules and some in the liver as well. The radiologist felt this was likely a malignant process – cancer. So Bruce needs to have his spleen removed in the next 48 hours because the spleen is absorbing and destroying his red blood cells, causing the anemia. I have called Tanasbourne Emergency and am trying to get the splenectomy scheduled there.
This is very very sad news for me and especially Bruce. He means the world to me and has been with me through so many things in the 8 years I have loved and cared for him. Being a vet technician myself, I want the best care for him and need to find out what has caused these changes in his liver and spleen, and if there is hope for treatment. The hip replacement is obviously on hold with today’s bad news.


4.10.15 - Let's Keep Bruce Man Going6


Please help Bruce man If you can to get this surgery in the next 48 hours. His life depends on it, even $5 donation will help. I am so thankful for all of the support in sharing and donating to the Bruce man fund so far. You all make the world a better place and so do dogs like Bruce man.

Update #6:

Bruce spiked a fever and the abdomen is starting to swell and is very painful. So he is headed for the Tanasbourne ER for some stabilization and splenectomy tonight! I gave him a liter of fluids at home to help with the fever and hydration. I am not giving up on my boy! Not even if things are looking bleak because I know he would risk his life in a heartbeat to save me. This is devastating to the family and even his furry brothers know he is not well. Please help my Bruce if you can!!


4.10.15 - Let's Keep Bruce Man Going3


Update #7:

Brucie came home from the hospital last night, and boy is he glad to be home. He tried to make a break for the door at the vet hospital yesterday and ripped out his IV line. What a hectic 24 hours it has been for him! The surgeon said his spleen looked like a whale shark when he first saw it inside him. There will be pictures of his spleen on my Facebook if you want to check it out. I can’t post them on here due to the graphic nature of the photos.

He just started to wag his little nubbin of a tail this morning and has a good appetite and right now that’s all I can ask for.
Our next battle ahead will be a fight for his life and what seems to be cancer. It will still be a few days before we get the report back on the spleen and what type of cancer it is, we are crossing our fingers for a treatable one. It brings tears to my eyes to talk about all this, he doesn’t let much bring him down.

Thank you for all the text messages from friends I got in the past few days. It has really meant a lot to me. Bruce takes up a huge part of my heart and it’s evident that he has touched many people’s hearts in his 8 years so far.

If you would like to help Bruce live a happy and healthy life, please CLICK HERE.


4.10.15 - Let's Keep Bruce Man Going7