Letter Carrier Saves Unconscious Dog Trapped in Burning Home

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A mail carrier is being hailed as a hero after she pulled a dog from a house fire and brought him back to life.

Jo Amerson was delivering mail at about 10:30 this Friday morning in Evans City, Pennsylvania when she noticed that one of the homes on her route was on fire.  She knew that a mother and her three-year-old daughter lived there, and immediately began to panic.  Fearing that the residents might have been trapped inside, she began pounding on doors and windows.

Mail carrier Jo Amerson

When no one responded, Amerson began smashing windows and screaming to alert them.  That’s when she saw the family dog, unconscious.  Risking her own life, she dashed inside, grasped him by the collar and pulled him to safety.   But the dog wasn’t out of the woods yet – he wasn’t breathing.   The intrepid mailwoman then performed CPR on the dog and brought him back to life.

“It’s all in a day’s work, I don’t know.  I just, did what anybody would do,” Amerson humbly explained.  “It’s a life.  It’s a life, whether it’s a dog, cat, animal – it’s a life.”

Thankfully, the woman and her daughter were not inside.  They had left for a doctor’s appointment only minutes before the fire broke out.  The cause of the fire remains under investigation.  Sadly, the family lost everything they owned in the fire, and they do not have insurance.  But thanks to one gallant mail carrier, they still have their beloved dog.

6 thoughts on “Letter Carrier Saves Unconscious Dog Trapped in Burning Home”

  1. I love that you did this, and saved that dog. U are a HERO, Many people would have done nothing, but walk away and let that dog die. bless you, good karma will bless you

  2. You are a true hero in EVERY sense of the word!!!! May God bless and protect you as you protected the animal from death. Thank you for caring and going beyond all expectations for that dog and giving the family the one thing they could never replace! Your attitude that he is a life is SO TRUE!! if everyone felt that way there would be almost no need for animal shelters and prisons would be a heck of a lot more empty!!!!!! Thank you for your selfless act!!!

    This is Jo Amerson, Thank you for all your wonderfull comments and support. Cpr on animals came from growing up on a farm. As for Deisel the awesome doggy he is doing great and is currently staying with some family.


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