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Life With Dogs at Blog Paws 2010


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When I first heard of Blog Paws, I was curious. Anything blog related is of interest, but a conference specific to pet bloggers is something I’d never seen elsewhere. I considered attending, got caught up in the daily grind, and promptly forgot about it.

When Blog Paws was kind enough to offer me a free pass to the event, I seriously considered attending. Many of our blog pals will be there, and this seemed like the perfect way to catch up with as many of them as possible without touring the country. Life got in the way, I became distracted, and began to doubt that I would be able to make the trip due to a hectic April schedule.

When Pedigree offered to sponsor my entire trip to Blog Paws, I pooped a little with excitement. Fortunately I was carrying a bag.

Perhaps I exaggerate slightly. Only I and my shorts know.

I can’t wait for the chance to share what I find – there are a lot of hot topics for bloggers, and if you can’t make it, I’m happy to be your eyes and ears. Watch for event coverage in future posts. If I don’t pop in for a visit this week forgive me, I have a lot crammed into a few days and not enough time to get to it all.

If you are anywhere near Columbus, Ohio I’d love to catch up. Drop me a line at [email protected]

Many thanks to Blog Paws and Pedigree for enticing me until I could not resist! See you there…or here when I return…