LifeLine Animal Project Throws Slumber Parties at Shelter to Spur Adoptions

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9.1.16 - Dog sleepover 2

The LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta knows that the only thing that could possibly make a slumber party better is dogs.  Lots and lots of dogs.  The shelter has decided to start throwing special sleep-over for potential pet parents, so people can get an idea of what life with the dog would be like.

9.1.16 - Dog sleepover 3

The shelter has already seen some success with the new program.  A pit bull that goes by the name Paul Anka was a part of the program, and he’s already got a new forever family.  He spent a total of nine months at the shelter with little to no interest.  However one sleep-over was all it took for his new family to fall in love, and take him home the next day.

9.1.16 - Dog sleepover 4

“In Paul’s case, his new family had been hesitant to adopt a pit bull, but when they had him overnight, all their hesitation went right out the window,” said Karen Hirsch.  Hirsch is the public relations director for the shelter.



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