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Little Dog Living Outside in the Bitter Cold for Weeks Finally Caught

by Melanie

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3.3.16 - Train Tracks Dog Caught1


On February 29th, Trio Animal Foundation (TAF) posted about a little dog who had miraculously survived for at very least two weeks in the freezing cold.  He had been hanging out by some train tracks, and dedicated rescuers finally caught him and got him in the warmth before it was too late.


This comes from TAF:

For over two weeks, this stray dog has been scavenging outside trying to survive in the frigid temperatures. Luckily, this pup was spotted by one of TAF’s friends & partners, Katie C., who set up cameras and a feeding station to learn his schedule and humanely trap him. 

We are happy to announce that this boy has been caught.

Even though he is not in our program, TAF has agreed take responsibility for his vet bills while he is on his stray hold. 

This 8-10 month old, 18 pound, male poodle mix was caught on the Indiana/Illinois border.

We will keep you posted on what the future is for this pup. For now, he is in a nice warm cage at the vet.


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