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#LittleBrownDog: Lost Pooch From Hurricane Matthew Gets New Name, New Home, New Job

by Amy Drew

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Above you’ll find the original video, the one Animal Control Officer Scott Kisch posted after he and his team from Charlotte, NC, came upon a little brown dog. They’d been out in Edgecomb County, NC, rounding up and helping animals in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. It was an area where flood waters were still present. Many dogs had been left behind; they’d already rounded up about 200.

One more was still out there, though. And it was as though she knew who the caravan of rescue workers were. She began running alongside Kisch’s truck.

“I looked at my supervisor and said hey, this dog is following us,” he told PEOPLE. We kept driving and she kept following us. We got out and she jumped in the vehicle. We just started laughing!”

At first, she sat on the passenger-side floor but eventually settled into another officer’s front seat. She got so comfy, she passed right out asleep.

“He drove that way for the rest of the day.”

Later, they shared the above video. The hashtag #LittleBrownDog went viral and the little brown dog herself went to a shelter not far from where they found her. Staffers tried for months to find her owners, but were unsuccessful. They called Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control to tell them the dog they’d rescued needed a home — and they loved her so much, they gave her one themselves.


The #LittleBrownDog is now called Charlotte, named for the city where her rescuers live. And she has a new job with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control Humane Education Program, going into schools and working with children.

Kisch says, “This is definitely a happy ending. I wish it was happier and that she went back to her normal family but I’m glad she’s with people that are going to take care of her and love her and treat her right.”