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Liz Was Starved, Frozen, Saturated in Urine and Is Unable to Stand on Her Own

by Fred

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1.31.17 Liz1


Poor Liz is taking the place of our LWD Adoptable Dog of the Day, today.  She’s not exactly up for adoption as of yet, and that’s only due to the condition she was rescued in.  After receiving a call about Liz’s condition, the Trio Animal Foundation stepped in to help, and they are spearheading Liz’s recovery effort.  She’s in really terrible condition, but she can pull through!  She’s just going to need our help to do it.

According to a post made on the Trio Animal Foundation’s Facebook page:

1.31.17 Liz2

“TAF was called about Liz after she was brought to an open access shelter soaked in urine, blinded by matted fur over her eyes, emaciated and unable to stand on her own.

1.31.17 Liz3

We went down to the south side of Chicago to pick up Liz and rushed her to the emergency vet.  After several hours at the ER vet, Liz’s temperature has finally come UP to normal.  Besides being cold, she weighed in at only about 4 pounds.  A dog her size should weigh at least 10-12 pounds.  After x-rays and blood work have been taken, it is believed that Liz cannot stand because she is simply too weak from starvation.

1.31.17 Liz4

To prevent re-feeding syndrome and not overwhelm her system, Liz will only be allowed to have a 1/3 cup of wet food a day.  This amount will be given to her in several small meals and will slowly be increased with time.  Liz is also receiving IV fluids to help prevent her system from shutting down and to administer medications.  Her legs are so thin and her skin so delicate, it is a miracle that the catheter is even staying in.

1.31.17 Liz5

For those that are outraged, well, you should be.  This is a straight up case of abuse and torture and nothing can be done about it.  We don’t know the owner and the person who brought the dog in was not the responsible party, stories change, and people get to walk away.

1.31.17 Liz6

If you would like to help sponsor Liz’s medical bills, we would really appreciate the help.  Any tax-deductible donations can be made at  You can earmark your donation “Liz”.  If you are making a donation via a smartphone, and aren’t able to earmark your donation, please email your receipt to [email protected].

1.31.17 Liz8

Liz will be hospitalized at the emergency vet and we are going to do everything that we can to save her. If at any time it appears that her quality of life is deteriorating, we will do what is best for her.
Please keep Liz in your thoughts and prayers and we will keep you posted.”

1.31.17 Liz7