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Locked in a cupboard and unloved, Lily needs your help


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lily baldA sweet but neglected and abused 3 year old Shar Pei who has lost all of her hair is now in the care of the RSPCA and living with a foster mum.  The young dog, who has already given birth to 4 litters is currently completely bald due to having an untreated skin condition which also left her sore and very itchy.   Lily also spent a good deal of time locked in a cupboard, an unimaginable situation for any dog.

Anne Rees, a foster mum who is looking after Lily, said: “She is a lovely, affectionate and sweet-natured girl who deserves the best we can give her. When I took her in she would flinch if I went to stroke her as her skin was so red, sore and hot. She scratched herself so much she would make her skin bleed and she smelled really bad.”  She came to the RSPCA Worcester & Mid-Worcestershire branch in October an has been responding well to treatment though it will take time, and is costly.  Aside from the veterinary costs, she also needs to be bathed every 2-3 days to relieve her itchy and sore skin.  And of course, she needs a lot of love.

Since Lily’s care and treatment will take a fair amount of time, the RSPCA is seeking financial help to fund her recovery.  If you would like to help you can visit their website   You can also follow Lily’s progress on the group’s Facebook page by searching ‘RSPCA Worcester and Mid Worcestershire Branch’.