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Lost Dog and Owner Reunited After 3 1/2 Years Apart


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SAN ANGELO, Texas – Jessica Cochran got the news of a lifetime when a certified letter arrived at her home two weeks ago. Her beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgi had been found after going missing for three and a half years.

Roby disappeared from Cochran’s front yard on a November evening in San Angelo Texas (there was no dog containment system), where she was stationed at Goodfellow Air Force Base. Cochran had returned to her front yard after letting Roby out for a routine bathroom break to find the dog missing and a dark pickup truck driving away into the darkness. She spent the next year trying to locate her best friend before being transferred out of state. She left Texas expecting that she would never see him again.

So when a letter arrived from the San Angelo animal shelter explaining that a stranger had dropped Roby off nearly four years later, she did what most any dog lover would do – and drove a thousand miles to retrieve her lost pal. A microchip implanted between Roby’s shoulder blades is credited with reuniting the pair. Their reunion was captured in the following video. *if video will not play click here