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Lost Dog Found After Five Years on the Run


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Terrified and dazed by a violent car accident that broke the neck of his master, 11 week old puppy Baxter leapt from the back seat of the car they were in, disappearing into the darkness of a wooded area near Port Saint John, FL. in November of 2005.

The poodle pup’s owner, Craig Kline, was airlifted to a Melbourne hospital for treatment of a broken neck and shattered jaw after totaling his Nissan Maxima. Family members conducted multiple searches for Baxter while Kline was hospitalized, but no sign of the of the young dog was found. By the time Kline was released, any hope of finding the dog had evaporated.

66 months later Kline answered a phone call that he will never forget. A passerby had noticed a dog sitting on the side of the road and picked it up, eventually leaving it with the Central Brevard Humane Society animal shelter in Cocoa, FL. Shelter workers scanned the stray, found a microchip, and noted contact information that led them to Kline.

Kline and Baxter were reunited last month, and despite the passage of so much time, Kline’s new wife, Kim, said Baxter recognized his master immediately, and the two have happily picked up where they left off.