Lost Dog Needs Help Getting from Kentucky to Utah

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Tilly has spent the last two years of her life living away from her owners. The Lexington, Ky., dog got lost back in July 2013 and was recently found. Now thanks to an animal lover from the local “Lost Dog” online group, Tilly is getting ready to head back home.

Tilly belongs to Phoenix Lowe, she was a gift from her father Captain Ryan Lowe who had been serving in Afghanistan, but in 2013 the dog got lost. Phoenix and her mother Jennifer searched for their pet for months, but they were never able to find her.

Four months after losing the pet, the Lowe family had to move to Utah, and with their hearts broken, they packed up their belongings and left the state – leaving lost Tilly behind.

Tilly and her Phoenix.
Tilly and her Phoenix.


Two years later, the dog was found outside a grocery store and her microchip helped identified her and her owners. The Lexington Humane Society called the Lowe family who were shocked and overjoyed to learned their beloved dog had been found.

The problem is there are now more than 1,600 miles separating the dog from her family, but thanks to Christine Stoops, an admin on the Lexington Lost and Found Dogs Facebook page, Tilly has a chance to get back home.

Stoop has volunteer to drive Tilly to her family, however, the road trip is an expensive one and Tilly’s family and friends are asking for help funding the road trip.

There’s an online fundraiser to help Tilly get back home, if you would like to donate, visit Bring Tilly Home.