Lost Dog Reunited with Owner After Five Years

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If you’ve ever lost a pet or had one wander away from home this happy story will probably strike you as amazing.

A Lakeland, FL dog disappeared five years ago, but on Sunday his owners got a call they didn’t expect – after five years on the run, their long lost dog, Cane, was finally coming home.

And it’s all thanks to a microchip, a small investment that pays tremendous dividends when needed. “I thought somebody stole him,” said Cane’s owner Kendra Claridy. Claridy says she’s curious about what went on during those five years, but having Cane back is good enough – perhaps the rest is best left to the imagination.

“Last night I was laying with him and I’m talking to him, and I’m saying, “Buddy where have you been? What have you done? Just tell me,'” Claridy said.

“And I wish we could know, but then again I don’t want to know. He’s safe now.”

4 thoughts on “Lost Dog Reunited with Owner After Five Years”

  1. Every vet should scan pets at the beginning of every visit just to make sure. That way a lot of pets could find their way home no matter what happened (stolen, lost etc) They also need to scan the whole body of the dog because micro chips sometimes move. My friends boxer’s chip moved on her.

  2. I think all vets should scan all dogs at each visit for two reasons, one to see it the dog was stolen and the other is to make sure the information on the chip is correct. I have all of my pets chipped and they are pound puppies. But I did change my phone number, turned off our land line and now only have a cell number. If the phone number doesn’t that listed on the chip, the dog cannot be returned because they can’t contact you. I also bought a little engraving tool at Hobby Lobby and I engrave my dogs and cats name, address and my cell number on their tags.


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