Louis CK: Why I Had to Punch My Dog

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Stand-up comedian Louis CK has always been amusing, but this hilarious and accurate account of the communication breakdown that occurs between dog and owner in the heat of an emergency is a scream. Sound familiar?

12 thoughts on “Louis CK: Why I Had to Punch My Dog”

  1. A SYRINGE (minus the needle of course) is the best tool to administer the hydrogen peroxide.. In a pinch, you can also use a turkey baster..

    NOW is the time to buy the Peroxide, and the Syringe.. (ask your vet for one) so that you have it on hand for such emergencies..

    Taking a Pet First Aid course would also be an EXCELLENT idea for Any pet owner.. Check with your local Red Cross to see when the next one is offered in your area.

  2. Louis CK is really funny, we love his show. On the dog note, I have done exactly what he has getting the teaspoon of peroxide down my dog’s throat after he ate a whole box of High End chocolates. He barfed, and all was fine, that was 6 years ago, and I NEVER leave chocolate anywhere “loose” in the house now.


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