Lowe’s Hires Man with Service Dog, Photo Goes Viral

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Photo: Lowe's Canada ...............................................
Photo: Lowe’s Canada

Finding a job can be difficult for those with disabilities, so when Owen Lima applied for a job at Lowe’s in North Regina, Canada, a few weeks back, he was skeptical as to whether he’d make the cut.

“It’s so hard to find a job where people can accept me for the way I am and the fact that I have a service dog with me,” Lima told the Lowe’s staff according to reports by CNN.

Lima suffers from a brain injury and can have a hard tie understanding people if they speak too quickly. Blue, his service dog, helps him stay calm and prevents anxiety attacks. He’s been on the hunt for a job that would allow Blue to tag along for a decade.

Store manager Paulo Gallo didn’t blink an eye.

“We asked what the dog was for, obviously, and then he took us through the story and we went on with our interview process like with anybody else,” Gallow told CTV. In fact, he had a specific position in mind. Lima and Blue are now customer service associates, greeting customers and managing carts. Both don Lowe’s vests while on the job.

A pic of the pair on the Lowe’s Canada Facebook page had nearly 20,000 shares at press time.

“We’re overwhelmed,” Gallo told CBS News. “We never intended for this to happen. We listened to an individual and we took him on board like we would anyone else.”

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  1. The Lowe’s in Shakopee Minnesota has had a phone operator for quite a few years named Tim with a service dog.


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