Loyal Doberman Shot in Face Defending Owner from Armed Intruder

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Five year old Zeus, a Doberman pinscher, took a bullet to the face while defending his owner from an armed trespasser on Monday evening.

“I let him out of the house and he ran around the side here and I started to come behind him, but before I could get to the edge of the house to see what was going on, I heard a gunshot and I heard him start to yelp and I turned around and ran inside. I didn’t have anything to protect myself or whatever. I didn’t know what was going on,” said the dog’s owner, Henry McCaskill.

McCaskill never saw the gunman who shot his dog and could not give a description to investigators. He and relatives are more concerned with finding a way to pay for Zeus’ treatment.

“He’s a sweetheart,” McCaskill said. “The only thing he ever did was protect his home and his master.”

Update (7/8/11): Zeus is home.

According to WWLTV, his family could not afford to cover his surgery, so the Humane Society of Louisiana started a national donation drive that quickly amassed thousands of dollars in donations.

“It just lets me know that people are still good. You hear a lot of bad things that go on in the world, but there are a lot of good people. Times like this they really came together, and I’m just thankful and grateful,” said Henry McCaskill, the dog’s owner.

The McCaskills intend to donate the remaining funds to charities that help dogs who’ve been victims of abuse or neglect.

108 thoughts on “Loyal Doberman Shot in Face Defending Owner from Armed Intruder”

    • the vet or some organization should step in and help this dog….I know if u give your dog up then they would, thats pretty messed up if u need help and can’t afford to help your pet… even vets should help in humane situations like this….some vets would if they are homeless… so why not now…they get paid so much and its impossible to help ur pet in times of trouble…its really disqusting and sad…please help this animal instead of letting him sit to die because they don’t have the money…………………………………………………….

  1. They have received the much needed money via donations for the suregery already but are requiring additional funds for after care. Here is what Jeff Dorson said: “Some of the phases after surgery will be rehabilitation and probably after care. (We can) probably expect, my guess, is $1,000 to $1,500 more,” Humane Society of Louisiana representative Jeff Dorson.

    • Just a long shot, but can’t you file a claim with your home owners insurance for something like this? It seems to me that the dog would be considered personal property that was injured/damaged during a break in.

      IMHO…..If the dog was purchased as a guard dog or a valued pet I think they should be covered. I know I have my two big dogs and they wouldn’t hesitate to go after someone. If they bit someone, insurance covers that, then why not a break in where they’re injured? Seems unfair if they’re not.

  2. Prayers to Zeus and family. This should show all of us how much we should love and cherish our pets. We are all they have and they would literally do anything to make us proud ♥ Hope for a speedy recovery for this beautiful boy!


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