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Lucky Pit Bull Resuscitated by NJ Firefighters


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Jersey City firefighters are celebrating the miraculous rescue of a pit bull overcome by smoke when his Grant Avenue home went up in flames.

Believed to have originated in an adjacent building around 1 a.m., the three alarm fire spread quickly. Firefighters had the blaze under control at 2 a.m. While searching the building, rescuers discovered a large pit bull in the house. It was limp, and they assumed the worst.

Fire Director Armando Roman thought the dog was beyond help. “My guys brought him down and he was dead,” Roman said. “I looked at him and said, ‘There’s no way this guy is going to live.”‘

Fortunately an oxygen mask was available, and was employed as a last resort. Firemen were amazed when after ten minutes of treatment, the dog was revived. It sat up, and was alert in a matter of minutes.

Having witnessed the resuscitation, Roman was beyond belief. “It was without a doubt a miracle,” he said.